About Me:

I´m Samuel Suarez, an artist specializing in illustration and character design. I have worked as an Art Director for several media projects and  providing a wide range of clients with creative solutions for over 10 years. I’ve created illustrations for various printed materials, animations, UI games and icon apps. The success of these projects has lead to incredible opportunities to work in collaboration  with different disciplines such as music videos, web design and Apps.

I like graffiti, music videos and all related to art. I´m currently working  as a freelance illustrator from Sevilla, Spain. See the portfolio page for more info. Prints and merchandise are available exclusively through the ……..

For inquiries on freelance work, please contact via email.

Contact: unorch@gmail.com

Instagram: @samuel_suarez

Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/samuelsuarez

Tumblr: http://iamsamuelsuarez.tumblr.com/